393 Larkspur Loop – Strawbale House

This is a strawbale house. It was designed and built by End Of The Road Construction for a local couple.

The house has strawbale walls and a traditionally framed roof with blown-in closed cell foam insulation.

The residents have told me that their highest gas bill (during the coldest months) was approximately $50, while during warmer months the bills are significantly less. They use gas for heat, cooking and domestic hot water. The tightness of the home’s envelope, the high R-value of the straw, the passive solar design, and the hydronic solar panels all contribute to the efficiency of the house.

The shingles on the house are made from recycled tires. The interior has many interesting custom finishes including adobe floors, clay plaster walls and locally made custom cabinets.

There is also a heat recovery ventilator installed (for fresh air).

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