17 and a Half Elk Ave

This project was a fun one. We turned a dilapidated barn into a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with a full basement.

The barn had to be stabilized and then lifted out of the way with a crane in order for the foundation to be built. It was then lifted back onto a new subfloor that had been built over the newly constructed basement.

The house was then framed with the original barn incorporated in the new structure.

As much of the original barn was used as possible.  Some material, such as the log walls, were used in the same locations for the same purpose as they always had been.  Other material was reused for different functions. For example, the original roof boards were used as siding, and the original log rafters were used for railings and walls.

All new siding used was purchased from the Crested Butte Sawmill, located only ten miles away. The siding is sourced from selectively logged trees that are in the local area, minimizing the distance that the material had to be shipped.

The floors are tile and reclaimed wood flooring that goes well with the reclaimed barn structure. We also installed two glass floor panels to allow light into the basement and to add more creativity to an already interesting house.

The whole house is wrapped in rigid foam under the siding, minimizing thermal bridging, therefore increasing the energy efficiency of the house.

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